Shawn Ryan, Navy Seal:
An Ibogaine Healing Story

There is growing evidence that Ibogaine is able to help people with traumatic brain injuries, addiction and mental illness.

Shawn Ryan, Navy Seal (former) and growing podcast sensation, embarks on a personal journey with Ibogaine, guided by Ambio.

Each experience with this cutting-edge molecule is unique.

Shawn reflects on his life-changing psychedelic voyage in conversation with Ambio’s co-founder, Trevor Millar, the man who helped him down the rabbit hole. Their dialogue delves into Trevor’s personal odyssey of facilitating healing experiences, the opioid catastrophe, the pharmaceutical industry’s influence, and alternative healing paths for the deep-seated societal unrest we often encounter.

Is Ambio’s healing method for you?

Groundbreaking therapy to support personal change

Ambio offers personalized treatments for comprehensive health and recovery.

  • Our treatments are built around substances like ibogaine under careful guidance with medical supervision.
  • We offer a personalized approach to detoxification, physical and mental regeneration, and life optimization.
  • Ibogaine helps to interrupt addiction, provides a strong foundation for long-term recovery, and assists with mindfulness.
  • A growing body of evidence suggests these treatments can address the underlying physical causes of neurodegenerative disorders and traumatic brain injuries.
  • Ibogaine is perhaps the most effective psychedelic in stimulating neuroplasticity for better behavioral and neurological outcomes.
  • Our treatments facilitate difficult transitions such as medication and substance withdrawal

From battlefields to psychedelics: healing veterans with alternative medicine

In this special installment of The Shawn Ryan Show, Shawn is interviewed by the lovely Mrs. Ryan about his psychedelic healing experience with Ambio. He shares how ibogaine treatments are saving lives and families, and raising awareness and money for VETS – the organization who facilitated Shawn’s healing experience – so they can continue to help heal US Special Operations Veterans.


One of the most substantial and obvious benefits of Ambio’s program is our ability to facilitate certain very difficult transitions.

We often support:


  • Medication Withdrawal
  • Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal
  • Managing Cravings
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Behavioral and Emotional Regulation
  • Anxiety and Trauma-Related Stress
  • Mental Clarity and Mindfulness
  • Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury



Joining The Shawn Ryan Show, is Tony Cowden, a former Green Beret and CIA contractor, who courageously shares his journey to recovery from a traumatic brain injury. Tony divulges the remarkable relief he encountered through ibogaine therapy at Ambio. Tony’s pursuit of pain relief led to unforeseen results, unveiling the profound healing capacities of ibogaine therapy. In this episode, we explore the transformation brought about by alternative therapies, challenging the status quo of traditional medicine, and offering a beacon of hope to those willing to explore various routes to healing.

Marine Raider’s quest:
a psychedelic friendship

Former Marine Raider, Nick Kefalides, returned to The Shawn Ryan Show to discuss a new kind of battle–the one inside. This is a special episode where Shawn & Nick share a personal story with the audience. They cover a mushroom journey they took part in together and how it changed them individually and reframed their friendship.

We are here to kindle the fire of your personal power, fueling an inspired life.

Ambio’s clinics are at the heart of research and the cultural understanding of ibogaine therapy. As world leaders in integrative ibogaine treatments, our aim is to eliminate mental illness from the world. Our founders bring over 40 years of combined experience to the table, leading our field through a variety of initiatives. We manage several programs at various locations, tackling a vast array of issues, including drug detoxification, addiction recovery, brain injuries, and mental optimization for high performers.

What’s more important than your ability to steer your life in the direction you want?

Ambio’s treatments have helped many achieve mental clarity, mindfulness, and support with addiction withdrawal and purpose in life.

We invite you to join a free webinar and find out if our healing methods are right for you.

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LOVE – We use love as a guiding principle for healing and growth. It guides our work, decision-making, and perception of our clients.

SAFETY – We excel in safety research and protocol development, ensuring safe therapies. We maintain a secure environment, empower employees for safety decisions, and manage risks transparently.

INTEGRITY – Amidst pressure and complexity, our unity is fortified by integrity in our actions and words. Our medicines insist on integrity.

RECIPROCITY – We honor the interconnectedness of life and the ancient roots of our practices while making a meaningful contribution to the world.

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