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Lamar Odom: A Tale of Rebirth and Resilience

Lamar Odom: A Tale of Rebirth and Resilience

In the world of professional sports, few stories are as compelling and inspiring as Lamar Odom's journey of recovery and transformation. Once a celebrated basketball star, Lamar's life spiraled into turmoil due to addiction, personal crises, and a life-threatening...

Ambio’s Ibogaine Treatment Cost in Mexico

Ambio’s Ibogaine Treatment Cost in Mexico

Starting Your Healing Journey A promising exploration in addiction treatment and mental health recovery is taking shape at our Tijuana, Mexico treatment center, with an available pickup in San Diego, California. Known for our holistic approach to assisting those...

I came to the clinic to seek healing from the PTSD and injuries I’ve suffered from due to the war  in Afghanistan. My overall experience was incredible and the results were nothing short of miraculous. Today I feel like 90% of my PTSD has gone away and my wife and kids have noticed it. I’m not as angry and I’m a lot more pleasant of a husband and father to be around. Ambio is the most effective program for healing mental trauma in my opinion.

Brian F.

I was hoping to find some relief and healing from PTSD caused by 40 years of domestic abuse. My life was full of fake smiles as I tried to survive the daily war in my head that was killing my soul. At Ambio, there was a feeling of pure acceptance, no judgment, lots and lots of love from all the staff and the other women who were there with me. Today and everyday since I left the clinic, I have a real smile on my face and I’m no longer living in survival mode. I would recommend Ambio to anyone who thinks there is no hope of finding healing or ever finding yourself again.

Gina D.

I’d lost almost all hope after 20 years of non stop chronic pain. My life and pain experience have dramatically improved since going through the program, to a point that, quite frankly, is surreal. I can’t speak highly enough of Ambio, every person there made my experience better than I’d ever hoped. Ambio is a one of a kind safe haven of expertise wellness and healing.

Christopher J.

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