On Tim Ferriss’ January 6th podcast, Dr. Nolan Williams, a renowned figure in neuroscience and the head of the Stanford Brain Stimulation Lab, delved into the intriguing world of ibogaine, a substance with growing significance in the field of mental health treatment. 

With his expertise in pioneering innovative psychiatric therapies, Dr. Williams illuminated the unique properties of ibogaine, its multifaceted impact on brain function, and its potential as a game-changer in treating complex conditions like addiction, PTSD, and trauma, including groups like veterans.

This conversation not only shed light on the current state of psychedelic research but also ventured into the ethical, legal, and future implications of such substances in mainstream medicine.

Here’s what Dr. Nolan Williams and Tim Ferriss discuss on the podcast:


  • Ibogaine’s Unique Properties: Unlike many psychiatric drugs, ibogaine affects multiple brain systems simultaneously, creating a ‘symphony’ of neurological effects. This broad impact makes it a promising candidate for complex mental health issues.
  • Treatment of Addiction: Dr. Williams’ study shows significant promise for ibogaine in treating addiction. Ibogaine appears to disrupt addiction patterns and offers a unique therapeutic window for deep psychological introspection.
  • Potential for Treating PTSD and Trauma: Ibogaine’s ability to facilitate a mental state where patients can re-examine traumatic memories offers new pathways for treating PTSD and other trauma-related disorders.
  • Ibogaine and Neuroplasticity: The substance appears to enhance brain plasticity, allowing for significant cognitive and emotional shifts, potentially aiding in recovery from various mental health conditions.
  • Veteran Psychedelic Angle: The podcast discusses the importance of psychedelic research, particularly ibogaine, in the context of veteran mental health, including PTSD and substance abuse.
  • Ethical and Legal Challenges: The conversation delves into the complexities surrounding the ethical and legal aspects of psychedelic research and its future in mainstream medicine.
  • The ‘Grey Day’ Phenomenon: Post-ibogaine treatment, some patients experience a ‘grey day’ with heightened emotions or anxiety, which is an area of ongoing research and understanding.

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