We’re thrilled to share Tony Cowden’s inspirational story on Shawn Ryan Navy Seal’s (former) podcast, which resonates with the transformative journey of many individuals seeking a new path in life. 

On the Shawn Ryan Show, Tony shares his profound experiences with ibogaine therapy, a topic that will be further explored in an upcoming Instagram Live event on Friday, February 2nd at 2 pm PST

This blog post highlights key moments from his interview and invites our readers to join us for an engaging live discussion.


Key Insights from Tony Cowden’s Podcast Appearance:


Overcoming Physical and Mental Challenges

Tony discussed his struggles with constant headaches and brain injury-related issues since 2009, such as being a TBI survivor from an IED blast, which significantly impacted his daily life. His journey to seek relief led him to explore alternative treatments.

The Role of Ibogaine in Healing: 

During his conversation, Tony delved into his experience at Ambio’s ibogaine treatment center in Mexico. He highlighted how this unique therapy helped him reroute neurons and potentially heal brain tissue, offering a glimpse of hope where traditional medicine had limited solutions.

A Deep Dive into Personal Motivations: 

Tony reflected on his past endurance events, sharing insights into his motivations. This introspection revealed a complex interplay of running towards and away from various aspects of his life, underlining the multifaceted nature of personal growth.

Visions and Revelations: 

A significant part of Tony’s discussion centered around the vivid visions and emotional revelations he experienced during his ibogaine treatment. These moments offered him a unique perspective on life, his past, and his future aspirations.

The Transformational Impact of Treatment: 

Tony’s narrative is a testament to the life-altering impact of ibogaine. Post-treatment, he reported substantial improvements in his physical and mental health, marking a turning point in his journey towards wellness.

Tony Cowden – CIA Operator Survives Deadly IED Blast that Sent Him to the Morgue | SRS #72 Part 2

Tony Cowden’s story is a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the potential for transformative healing. 

His experience with ibogaine opens up a conversation about alternative therapies and their role in addressing complex health challenges. 


Join Us on Friday, February 2nd at 3pm PST (6pm EST) for an Instagram Live conversation with Tony Cowden:


We invite our community to join Ambio Life Sciences (@ambiolifesciences) for an exclusive Instagram Live session with Tony Cowden. 

This event promises to be a deep dive into his life-changing experiences with ibogaine and how it aligns with our mission to support holistic and transformative health journeys.